Have sex. Have dirty, raunchy sex. Have sex in the bed, on the counter, in the car, in the bathroom. Have it everywhere. Have passionate love making sex. Fuck. Go slow. Gaze into their eyes. Learn every curve and bump on their body. Learn what makes them quiver. Learn what makes them cum the hardest. Feel their body and fall back in love with them. Just have sex.
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@rehvenge_r I need these!

@rehvenge_r I need these!


RICHARD: Dec 26. I don’t think I can move, little darlin’ [I groaned. Hindsight was 20-20 AFTER I’d just killed a second plate of Christmas leftovers. I kicked open an eyelid watching -perving- the little wife stretching on tiptoes in front of the mirror and applying gloss to her lips. But my eyes…

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SymphathWho #25

RICHARD: Dec 26. I don’t think I can move, little darlin’ [I groaned. Hindsight was 20-20 AFTER I’d just killed a second plate of Christmas leftovers. I kicked open an eyelid watching -perving- the little wife stretching on tiptoes in front of the mirror and applying gloss to her lips. But my eyes were not up in the face region, no, they were way south on her lush full ass. My body stirred and I growled low. Fuck, I might be able to move after all, if she wanted to sashay her way over to me. I grunted eyefucking her] you might need to stretch up again there, Ehlena baby [I encouraged lecherously and laughed when she glared fucking beautiful through the mirror at me. Shoving one of those fancy cushions Ehlena collected like children under my head] Where are you going all fancied up, darlin’? And if it’s to see your bit-on-the-side I’m gonna need his address a shovel and a strong body bag.. [I flashed a grin]

EHLENA: [The icy glare I wore melted into an amused smile at his obviously bullshit comment.] Richard, Love.. any bit-on-the-side I might find would be grossly disappointed in my performance. After what I give to you I’ve nothing else. [Stepping back from the mirror I turned fully to face him, popping a hand to my hip and raising a sculpted brow.] Look at you laying there all relaxed like, tempting your female to skip her meeting all together and make sure you work off all those leftovers you ate. [I grinned, flicking eyes to the clock that hung over our fireplace, I had a little time before I needed to dematerialize to the abandoned house for the meeting with the symphaths, and crossed the room towards him. If there was anything that would dislodge the feeling of dread and tangle of nerves in my stomach right now it was my hellren and his twisted ways.]

RICHARD: Dec 27. [I pulled at the tie again, it felt foreign and tight and I was sure it was restricting my breathing. But fuck, Ehlena liked this fancy shit, so I’d pulled one of the few suits left in the closet that belonged to Rehvenge, some Gucci shit, along with a deep purple tie and I got dressed up to take my woman on a date. The Italian restaurant was full, but I had us a nice quiet table, iAm actually reserved me it, said it was my personal spot. Good table or not, the guy could cook like a fucking pro. I sat back and set a gaze on Ehlena, my eyes narrowed, she was doing that scan shit again. I’d caught her four times no less this evening looking around the restaurant discreetly like she expected to see someone pop out of the shadows and she’d hardly touched her food. I was getting that itch in the back of my head again. Something was doin’ with my little darlin’. She just wasn’t opening those pouty lips of hers and telling what] Wine not to your liking, baby? [Panic? I could almost taste it in my mouth. What the… I tilted my head, it was a very real sensation right inside my head.. but it wasn’t my own, I knew that. I was chilled as chill could be right then. I had good food, and the company of a beautiful woman, couldn’t ask for more really. But the feeling was there, and I narrowed my eyes and catch Ehlena’s attention finally reaching out and placing a hand on her forearm]

EHLENA: [What had started as the perfect night out with my Hellren had gone downhill quickly. About thirty minutes into our wine, just before the main course arrived, I’d excused myself to the ladies room to freshen up my lipstick. Half way back to our table I felt it, the subtle push of a foreign entity, at the edge of my mental walls, the same feeling I’d always gotten when Rehv or Nehmesis tried to slip into my mind. Immediately I threw all my energy into blocking the intrusion.] Fuck [I’d nearly gone under from the force of the next blow, the Symphath was serious about getting inside my mind now that he knew I could keep him out. There was no doubt in me that I could do it either..if I could be successful in blocking the symphath king I could block this peon any day. The confusion he must have been feeling was almost tangible as it washed over me. I did a scan of the bodies in the restaurant, finding no one who had the telltale look of a symphath that I could see and relaxed minimally. Rich knew something was up, how could he not, I was walking on eggshells, half of my mental energy concentrated on my mental walls and the picture of Rehvenge in all his red eyed symphath glory plastered to my grid, the other half on trying to keep up appearances. Throughout the meal I hadn’t spoken, and had barely touched my food or wine. The would be intruder had tried again and again to catch me off guard and slip through my defenses, if I was being honest with myself it was starting to scare the hell out of me.] The wine is spectacular, Richard, [I smiled, until I felt the slow assault of another mind on my own, this one was more powerful than the first and the ability it had to weaken and warp the steel bars of my mind scared me. At the touch of his hand I jerked back. Afraid that somehow he would know what was happening, and that later I was meeting with the symphaths again.]

RICHARD: Dec 28 [I could forget almost anything when I was buried hilt deep inside my woman. I dragged my tongue slowly up the length of her spine before nipping a bite to the back of her neck. I had Ehlena braced against the tall dresser in our room, her face flushed in the mirror and looking like the sexiest most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes on. The sex as always was taking us over, each deep thrust shoved pleasure into both of us. I grunted riding her out, making her feel as much as I could. Yet at the same time my head was full to the fucking brim of the shit she wasn’t telling me. Her changing moods was giving me whiplash, she was jittery, nervous and restless more than I’d ever seen her, and she was using me as her very own sex slave to self sooth whatever was doing in her pretty head. I fucking knew that shit, she’d all but attacked the moment I’d stepped in the door. Fucking like teenagers on the stairs, again in the hallway near our room, and now taking her roughly. Sex was the one stable normal thing we had and I wasn’t opposed to wringing it dry if that’s what my woman wanted. Christmas with the family had felt calm, she’d been happy, what had changed in just a few short days I didn’t know…. and as I shoved deep again, her cell rang for a second time, some bastard was insistent, it went ignored but I felt her tense and shoot a glance over to it, I growled, stroked a hand gently around her throat to bring her mouth to mine… my Ehlena thought I didn’t see her every changing emotion, I could feel it like it was a living thing in my fucking gut. She could use me for sex as much as she wanted, try to distract me with her beauty and wiles…I was down for that, but I would find out what she wasn’t telling me]

EHLENA: [Stupid. Fucking. Cell. Both times the generic ringing had commenced I’d been balanced on the razors edge of orgasm. Rich, as always, playing my body like a well tuned instrument of pleasure. God but I loved this male and no matter what it took I would keep him safe from what I was afraid the Symphaths would do if they suspected he lived. Thoughts dissipated when our hips met in another powerful thrust, a large hand wrapped around my throat the other finding the bundle of nerves at the top of my sex and strumming skillfully. Back arched and hips slamming back I groaned out his name, shuddered once and shattered apart. The bottles of lotion and perfume that stayed neatly arranged atop the dresser shuddered, toppled and rolled onto the plushly carpeted floor. My knees went weak when his barb engaged and I mewed as I met Rich’s heavy lidded eyes in the mirror, it took a vast amount of concentration to keep the worry out of them, and I hated that there was so much that I was keeping from him. Right fucking then was when the cell decided to ring…again. Every muscle in my body tightened, the immense pleasure of our being locked together becoming pain.. eliciting a squeal, my spine going ramrod straight. The look in his eyes changed to something unreadable, and I’d swear that the temperature of his body dropped several degrees, but the ringing didn’t stop.] I’d better get that…. [I didn’t want to, but as his barb withdrew I pulled away, adjusting what few clothes I was still wearing as I crossed to the chair in the corner where my purse sat. I didn’t look back at him but looked at the phone and knew my body language would communicate more that I wanted, with a curse I hit the button to answer and went into the bathroom, locking myself inside to deal with the fucking symphath scum once again.]

RICHARD: Dec 29. [We hadn’t spoken since yesterday, not ‘cause I was fucked off, for the most part I wasn’t, I mean who cared when their woman disengaged sex at the height of an orgasm to answer the phone? A growl gurgled out of my mouth…. Ehlena refused to tell me what the fuck was doing, it was a friend, she’d said. I called her out immediately on her obvious bullshit. So we’d played the avoiding game all damn day. It was grating on my nerves. The boy was rowdy with those fucking drums Z got him, and Ehlena was somewhere hiding out in the house. I paced like a tiger, dragging both hands in and out of my hair until the dig of my fingers registered as pain and I began pacing again. I was done with this shit. Secrets and lies, it was what we were embroiled in right now, and it was Ehlena’s doing, she wouldn’t open that sweet mouth of hers to let me know what was happening. She wanted to play it that way, it was abso fine with me, I had means to find shit out, I’d wanted her to confide in me, trust that even though I wasn’t the big bad asshole anymore, I would still fix whatever trouble was brewing. Leaving the kid to his drums, I faced my image in the first floor bathroom mirror, staring at the reflection intently. There was little of the old Rehvenge staring back at me. Hair, clothes, unruly facial scruff all completely different to how the businessman drug lord looked. Meeting those purple eyes, I dug into my own mind] I’m working without a net here, dude, you read me? You love Ehlena as much as I do, yeah? [He didn’t need to know I loved her more, not when I was reaching out to Rehv -me- to fucking throw me a bone here] you gotta unlock some shit for me, guy, I can’t help her if she won’t tell me what’s doing… [When I searched and searched, trying so fucking hard to have some of Rehvenge’s memories break loose and nothing happened, I growled trying to gather my composure and stalked out, letting the doggen know to tell Ehlena I’d be back later. I had someone to go see…]

EHLENA: [The day had been spent trying to figure out how the hell I was going to pull another disappearing act to meet with the symphath representative, but when the doggen came into my project room, as I’d come to think of it, I was saved from another lie. During my avoidance of Richard I had left Nehmesis with his nanny, Mary P, as Rich called her and pretended to be working on some charity something or other. I sent the doggen to let her know that apparently both Rich and I would be out of the house for a time that night, and that if the time came, she was to put the prince to bed. Tonight I wore jeans and a tight black t-shirt, nothing fancy, when I dematerialized to the elaborate home and disabled the alarm using the code I’d been given ages ago but only used lately. It was only a few minutes, which I spent sitting quietly preparing myself at the kitchen table (it was much too hard to walk through these rooms and see reminders of the Rehvenge I had once known) before the knock came on the back door] Shit. [I cursed and answered the door, checking to make sure that the image of MY pissed off Symphath king was pasted securely to the front of my grid, the only thing that my visitor would see when he attempted to infiltrate my mind. It wasn’t the easiest image to focus on, but it seemed to keep these guys in check…as much as they could be. “Ehlena. Thanksssss for meeting me.” the voice hissed as the creature in pristine white robes slid past me and into the kitchen. I just bit my lower lip, held my bravado, and closed the door behind it. “Where, might I asssssssskk, isssss the little princcccce? You were ssssuppossssed to bring him to me.” Oh HELL no, This THING didn’t think that I would really bring him my son and just hand him over like cash for a drug deal. Yeah Not gonna happen.] Have I given you any reason to think that I am going to go along with this asinine plan? [I’d played quiet and willing to talk during each of our previous meetings, but never had I agreed to handing over my only son. I could see the irritation rising in the body language of the symphath before me, its red eyes glowing bright. “I am finisssshed playing gamessss with you, female. Nehmesssss iss better off with hiss own kind. He will become our king when he issssss of age, and needsssssss to know how to behave asssss a SSSSSymphath.] He will learn all he needs to know from me, his flesh and blood, Mahmen, and those of your kind that I TRUST! He will not go to that frozen hell you call a colony to spend the entirety of his life being brainwashed in your underground tunnels! [The creature actually shrank back in his seat, looking at me as if I was the crazy one in this situation, yeah…wrong. “We will not have another king who believessss he isssss a fucking vampire. Thatsss the reassssson we did away with hissssss father. No King of ourssssss needsssss to live assssss a vampire.” His words hit me like a baseball bat, swung with enough force to exact maximum damage. The symphaths had somehow done this to Rehvenge, at least some of them, and they seemed to be the ones who were now in control. But it was obvious to me now that they thought they had taken him out completely, that their king was dead. Too bad I wasn’t gonna burst that little bubble. Shoring up my mental grid I shook my head, I couldn’t do this. I needed out.] I think that we are finished here. You can think what you will, but know this, you will NOT be getting your freaky, fucked-up looking hands on my son. You may have taken my hellren, but you will have to go through me to get to Nehmesis.

RICHARD: Dec 30. [I was sat behind the desk at ZeroSum when Ehlena strolled herself in. I could see already her brown eyes were heavy lidded with sleeplessness and she was practically spitting fire at me from her every pore. I slouched back in the leather chair and pasted on a sardonic smile. Figured she’d come here eventually when I didn’t take my ass home last night. It had been past dawn when I realized the time so I’d crashed on the couch] well well… decided you’re talking to me now, little darlin’? Or come to enlist the delights I offer at the club? what’s it to be, gambling… lap dance, or something more…. filthy decadence in a back room? [After speaking to Xhex last night, I knew what I had to do, but my fucked off mood was getting in the way. I didn’t understand this marriage shit, Ehlena was meant to be the expert, and yet she was the one throwing up walls and barricades to keep me out. I cracked my neck idly, keeping my gaze pinned to her, and reached for the bottle of beer on the desk, waiting for it, I could smell the argument in the air]

EHLENA: [Relief flooded me at the sight of Richard sitting behind the desk, carrying on like nothing was wrong, making fucking smart ass jokes that weren’t in the least funny. I covered the emotion with the pissed off and sat my leather clad ass directly on the pile of papers he’d been working…or pretending to work on, resting the toes of one Jimmy Choo on his knee, the other crossed leg crossed atop it, no doubt giving him a nice view of the goods he wasn’t going to get anywhere near tonight.] Where were you? [In all the months that Richard had been in our lives, living in our home, never once had he not been back before sunrise. I hadn’t slept, at all. Calling his cell every hour or so to get no answer, pacing the floors of our home until night had fallen once again. I’d gotten lucky, ZeroSum was the first place I’d looked and here he was. The smug, if fucked off look in his purple eyes let me know that he wasn’t the least bit concerned with what had happened. The anger rose, how could he not know the anguish I’d been dealing with, how could he not care? I leaned in close to his face, barely keeping my perch on the desk and all but spat the words.] Do you KNOW what could have happened to you? [My point had been made, I could see it in the softening of his eye and the relaxing of his shoulders. He wanted to play games, so could I.] I’ll see you at home when you’re finished here, baby. [I slipped off his desk, papers scattering around me, adjusted my barely there leather skirt and cleavage enhancing top then headed for the door, a little extra sway in my hips, pausing only a second to blow him a kiss before disappearing into the club.] —- TBC —— #SymphathWho


RICHARD: They’re family, Ehlena! I don’t need to be dudded up, for fu—— [I noticed the boy hanging around my legs and changed the direction of my sentence, already had it in the neck from the wife for cursing once today] for the love of Jesus. Jeans are fine, yeah? They’re not royalty. [I heard…



RICHARD: Kid, you’re gonna wear a hole in the fu—- in the floor if you keep doing that [My warning went unheard from Nehm, and I grinned watching the boy spin on his ass in the middle of the floor giggling like he’d just discovered fucking gold. I heard Ehlena arrive back home, and I grabbed at…



RICHARD: [Whatever Ehlena was clattering around with in the kitchen, supposedly making dinner, I didn’t think I wanted to eat. There went the banging noises again and her frustrated mumbling reaching clearly down the hallway to me in the family room. I switched off the tv and rose from the couch….



EHLENA: [Fuck, how much stress could a body take before it went into total ‘oh hell no, I quit’ mode and totally shut down? For the past month I’d felt dangerously close to reaching that point almost daily, and felt that I would have more than once if it hadn’t been for my own personal stress…



RICHARD: [I strode through the unusually quiet house. I could hear the staff somewhere running a vacuum, but other than that. Silence. Weird, meant some shit was doin’. I knew my wife and son’s traits now, if they were quiet, it was trouble. Grinning, I found Ehlena curled up on one of the…